What to do if you lose your job during quarantine


Tips for non-workers or non-workers during the COVID-19 epidemic

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According to the Kyiv City state administration, after the start of a national quarantine in Kiev alone, around 500 thousand Ukrainians went on leave at their own expense. In general, according to a recent poll, 4% of Ukrainian citizens were left without work. In relation to the situation, the editors Payspace magazine Shares tips for those who have lost their jobs or are not forced to work during the coronovirus epidemic.

Apply at the employment center


According to new “Anti-Crisis” bill number 3275, Can help Ukrainians with partial unemployment due to suspension of enterprises. To receive benefits, Ukrainians are not required to travel to employment centers in person, but can confirm their status by phone or email. According to Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denis Shimgal, henceforth, the unemployed will be registered since day one After submitting the application to the employment center. In this case the purpose of payment will also be done from the first day of registration.

Solve a credit issue


If the consumer cannot repay the loan due to job loss during the coronovirus epidemic, he should contact the bank, explain the situation and confirm that he has temporarily or partially completed due to quarantine measures Have lost their income. At the same time, you can contact the bank remotely, for this you do not need to go to the branch, said Yekaterina Rozhkova, the first deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine. She also recalls that credit leave is not a loan waiver, but a delay in time for the payment of obligations, as the bank cannot simply waive the loan to the consumer, to fulfill obligations to other customers and to deposit and current accounts. Continues to pay interest.

Pespace magazine first discovered How do credit holidays work in Ukraine:

  • They do not introduce a grace period (the ability to use bank money without paying interest) for the quarantine period.
  • No exempt from interest on base rate
  • Allow non-payment of minimums: Fines and penalties will not be levied
  • Do not help maintain a good credit history: if you do not make the minimum payment, it can ruin it.

If you have difficulty in lending to a bank, you can contact the Consumer Protection Office of Financial Services of National Bank of Ukraine. Contact Phone: +380 44 527 37 82

Search for work on the internet


Use all the capabilities of the Internet to solve the problem. This will help you search for sites for part-time and freelance platforms, as well as social networks. What to do:

  1. Update and post your resume on popular job search sites. Again, subscribe to the vacancy newsletter of,, and the above sites
  2. Get a page on the social network LinkedIn to find and make business contacts. If you already have an account, use the “power” of the social network and write a post stating that you are looking for work and would be grateful for help – same thing on Facebook, Twitter and others Should be done on sites you actively use
  3. Subscribe / Join Facebook Job Search Group
  4. Register on freelance sites and job search sites:,,,, OLX or a large foreign site

The editors of PaySpace magazine, along with a leading specialist of the UK recruitment agency for Health Major Healthcare, have created a list of job search tips:

  1. Check the relevance of the resume And accuracy of data you specify (list of your skills and work locations, email address, contact phone number, etc.)
  2. Add enough photos to the resume. Before doing so, search the Internet for “what a picture should look like for a resume”
  3. Do not lie in resumes. If you do not have enough experience in companies, describe in detail what you already know, what your strengths are (for example, you quickly switch between tasks or you work process in a team Manage to organize well). If you do not have the necessary education, pay attention to your work experience. During the interview, you can specify what you want to learn or what skills you want to improve (for example, you can mention that you are working on improving conversational English)
  4. Stay in touch. Always answer the calls and letters of employers, employers. Warn in advance if you are unable to attend the interview
  5. Think of every call from a recruiter as a personal interview. First, communicate courteously with potential employers and the people who assist you in your job search. This may sound like obvious advice, but many people, answering a call from an unknown number, first say, “Who is this?” Instead of greeting. Your potential rudeness will prompt the recruiter about the absence of so-called soft skills (non-specific skills) – non-specific, career-critical super-professional skills that are responsible for successful inclusion in the work process
  6. Add a short personal cover letter You are applying for every job. With this letter, you should get the recruiter interested, explaining it to be appropriate for this vacancy. When creating a suitable message, keep an eye on the tone of the written one; A more descriptive description of the skill may indicate problems with self-esteem. On the internet you can find many examples of writing the perfect cover letter – use one of them
  7. Availability of recommendations. Be prepared for your potential employer for a recommendation from your previous job. Sometimes, to get such a response, a recruiter’s conversation with one of your former colleagues will suffice. It is better to keep this in mind beforehand and arrange with an ex-colleague or boss to provide recommendations. In particular, don’t forget to ask colleagues on your LinkedIn page to leave a review like this
  8. Try to maintain a good business relationship with a recruiter. Personnel Search Specialist – the first person to contact you if a suitable vacancy appears for you

Browse our top job listings


Maybe it’s time to change the scope of the activity or try something else for a while? This is especially true at a time when the demand for experts in the market is changing. Therefore, earlier we wrote that due to the quarantine introduced in Ukraine, the offers of employers in the labor market have changed. In particular, the share of vacancies has increased in search of specialists in professional fields such as IT, accounting, banking and medicine. The latter was included in the TOP-10 for the first time in terms of the number of job offers – doubling their number. At the same time, the staff working in terms of the number of vacant posts disappeared from the list of leaders – the number of proposals in the sector was reduced by 9%. The number of vacancies also fell in areas such as sales, administrative staff, production, transport and career start. All this should be considered while looking for a job.

Increase the number of financial instruments


If you previously received wages in cash, now is the time to think about expanding payroll methods. For example, apply for a card at the bank (some financial institutions in Ukraine allow you to apply and place orders remotely) or open an online payoneer wallet. The latter allows you to withdraw traditional payment instruments – bank cards acquired over the Internet that accept payments worldwide. You can find out which bank card to choose from among the comprehensive PaySpace magazine content.

Get ready for remote work

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This is especially true during the quarantine period. Install necessary applications, instant messengers and other programs on your computer and smartphone to support remote communication. For example, Skype – for audio and video calls, audio calls and chat messages for Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp. We have written more about such means of communication in our content Not Skype: Choosing the Best Office Services to Work From Home.

advanced training


When you are looking for work in between interviews, you can do further training. During the quarantine period, many companies offered free courses on learning foreign languages, IT specialties, soft skills improvement etc. In addition, free courses and workshops can be found on YouTube or in thematic groups on Facebook. Also, don’t forget about the training bot in Telegram. For example, @ProgrammingFAbot will help you understand the basics of programming, @goit_html_bot will help you learn HTML tags, and bots @LearninggameBot and @LennyEnglishBot will be useful in learning German and English. It is time to take advantage of these opportunities and increase your attraction among other job seekers.

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