What to give to the boy: choose toys according to interest


Best toys for boys – A variety of techniques, exciting and developing sets, this is the one that allows you to feel superpower and feel special. But choosing a gift for a child, nevertheless, is worth considering the preferences of a particular person. It could be something related to their hobby, a thing that has age-related characteristics or something that will make them feel like an adult.

To choose the best gift for a boy, you need to know his hobby or be able to think like a child his age. Every year, the choice to present becomes more difficult, as he has new interests, and the desired thing can happen in both the child and adult departments.

Happy with age

A growing boy looks like a tickling sparrow – on the one hand, he is a child who is still interested in various developmental toys, all kinds of vehicles, various shooting games, and on the other, he is a mini-adult. Which seems to interest everyone which makes his ideal a father. Also, don’t forget about fashionable outfits with superheroes – the quest for beauty is no longer foreign to her.

Okay, if you manage to combine a toy into a gift and skill that will help in the future, it will help to hold it.

Products in this category include:

  • Constructors that allow you to assemble models of actual airplanes or cars on a scale (“Young Homemade”, “Avtomaster”);
  • A set of young chemists;
  • Puzzles, logic toys;
  • Mini-farms and bio-experiments (ant farms, mushroom cultivation in a box).

This will allow the child to become interested, by exploring the fascinating world of chemistry, physics, biology, as well as he teaches elementary skills and safety rules.

Useful Toys for All Ages

Do not underestimate the benefits of a development kit. Known from the first days, the Lego Type Designer is suitable for children of any gender and age. The big guy should have smaller elements, and the overall design is bigger and more complex. There are many such constructions.

Gifts that will captivate many people:

  • A constructor consisting of many small parts and which can be supplemented with new elements (Lego and others);
  • Board games (“monopoly”, “spy”, lotto);
  • Game complexes (dance mats, karaoke, game consoles with paired joysticks);
  • Technical toys (control helicopters, mini-drones, changelings machines with sounds, interactive robots);
  • Long-term equipment (LED projectors, microphones, wireless headphones, tablets);
  • Useful devices (alarm clock with projection and music, an e-book, a night lamp with interchangeable stencils).

The board game will not only entertain the child with guests, but will also provide an opportunity to spend a family evening on TV. Even familiar sports such as lotto, darts, bowling, or checkers bring parents and children closer more effectively than going to a psychologist. But it is not worth talking about Twister and the group guessing games.

Hobby presentation

Boys feel much happier if they meet in a pile of gifts that they are “sick”, which they argue bitterly with one-year-olds, and spend all their free time. This will not only show the hero of the occasion who loves him and knows what he likes, but will also allow him to develop his hobby very deeply.

Addictive game:

  • Sporting goods (boxing gloves, baseball bat, soccer ball, lighted sneakers);
  • Gamer’s game features (3D-glass, cool console, game keyboard, installation disc with desired game);
  • Collectible figures for sports or movies;
  • Everything for needlework (drawing, modeling, wood burning, cutting or soldering);
  • Musical instruments or important accessories;
  • Branded clothes or shoes, it can be a dress like a favorite athlete or movie star;
  • Fashionable “little things” (jumpers, rollers for tricks, a certificate for parkour courses);
  • Children’s metal detector, fugitive alarm clock, copies of ancient weapons;
  • Cool stuff (chewing gum for hands, table bowling, a set of practical jokes);
  • Books on hobbies (3D encyclopedia, biographies of famous football players, dinosaur history, a guide to robots or trains);
  • Costumes, theme sets (policemen, spiderman, heroes of your favorite movies).

To find such a perfect gift, you need to know the child well, ask him what he likes, which he accepts from movies or real life. Tips are in the student’s social accounts. You can ask her best friends.

Male, adult gift

A simple, universal present would be a testament to a toy store or a large supermarket, where the birthday man would find himself in a relaxed atmosphere, doing what he likes. And if the amount is insufficient, there will be an incentive to collect and close it for the desired purchase. It will teach man how to take care of money, calculate his expenses and save. This option is ideal if they do not know anything about the child they are visiting, or if they want something expensive.

Knowing that the boy dreams of becoming a football player, doctor or astronaut, you can give him real things for a particular profession. Very interesting set is the manufacturer of a young electrician, which allows you to independently assemble the electrical circuits of these home appliances.

Of the “male” toys, a child may like:

  • Weapons (imitating ancient daggers, lights, sabers with sound, pistols with bullets, fashionable slingshot or crossbow);
  • Fewer copies of equipment (“a young electrician’s set”);
  • Real equipment (soldering iron, wood burner);
  • A hobby (a camera, a bicycle, a tourist backpack) to spend more time together, like your beloved Dad or Grandpa;
  • Certificates for an unforgettable holiday (horse riding, water park, swimming pool, balloon flight, rope park, ostrich farm);
  • Test lessons or master classes (karate, metal forging, glass blowing, pottery, cooking, drawing);
  • Complex technical toys that have to be assembled under the supervision of an adult (existing robots, a dynamic dinosaur or builder to assemble a car).

With this category of gifts, you can reveal the talents of a future man, seeing that he would like it more. The main thing is not to put pressure on the child, otherwise the parental pressure will drive him away from his favorite activity. Children don’t always want to be champions, they just enjoy sports, dancing, drawing, and our job is to help them in this.

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