what Ukrainians are interested in during the quarantine period


Ukrainians are actively buying laptops, health and beauty products, game consoles

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Ukrainians began to buy goods for hobbies and sports more often during the quarantine period. It is reported by OLX. Also in the top 10 most popular products in March appeared products for beauty and health. In addition, Ukrainians began to buy laptops more actively. At home leisure, people apparently divided into two categories: someone decided to make a long-promised repair of things, and someone decided to raise the rating in the game, since the list of the most popular goods now includes tools and games with consoles.

At the same time, children’s clothes and shoes were ordered less frequently. Moreover, in the second half of March, the top 3 most popular delivery categories included goods for hobbies, leisure and sports, which before that were inferior to the Children’s World.

According to the analysis of the popular online advertising platform OLX, in March, Ukrainians sent more than 200 thousand goods with the OLX Delivery service. On average, parcels travel 411 km, which is 8% more than six months ago. In March, the number of goods delivered within 5 major cities of Ukraine increased by 30%. So, between the regions of Kiev, goods began to be sent by mail 27% more actively, Kharkov – 32%, and Odessa – 38%. The number of deliveries within the Dnieper increased 1.5 times, and in Lviv it even doubled. Most often, electronics, clothes, shoes and care products, as well as goods for children, continue to “travel” around the country.

Most willing to pay for electronics – the average bill in this category is 1 450 UAH. They spend less on hobbies and sports – about 800 UAH. Spare parts for vehicles and goods for home and garden were sent in the amount of 700 UAH, and new clothes in the wardrobe cost about 650 UAH. Goods for babies bought an average of 550 UAH.


Compared with the beginning of the year, during the quarantine week from March 16 to 22, the volume of Ukrainians spending on travel decreased by 6.2%, while the cost of food, on the contrary, increased by more than 15%. This is evidenced by the data of the new monobank infographic.

According to statistics, Ukrainians also began to spend less money on cafes and restaurants, clothes and shoes, entertainment and sports: the volume of transactions in each of these categories decreased by 6.9%, 6.5% and 5.4%, respectively. In addition to products, Ukrainians began to spend more money on beauty and medicine – the volume of transactions in this category increased by 4.6% since the beginning of the year.

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