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Compared to the beginning of the year, during the quarantine week from 16 to 22 March, the amount of Ukrainians spending on travel decreased by 6.2%, and the cost of food, by contrast, increased by more than 15%. This reveals data from the new Monobank infographic, which was shared by the bank’s co-founder Oleg Gorokhovsky.

According to the figures, Ukrainians also began to spend less on cafes and restaurants, clothing and footwear, entertainment and sports: transaction volumes for each of these categories decreased by 6.9%, 6.5% and 5.4%, respectively. In addition to the products, Ukrainians started spending more money on beauty and medicine – transaction volume in the category increased 4.6% since the beginning of the year.

In addition, Gorokhovsky published the dynamics of foreign exchange purchases by Monobank customers. After peaks on 11 and 17 March, demand for the purchase of the US Dollar and Euro began to decline, recovering in a few days without significant pumps.

Oleg Gorokhovskiy

Recall that we had previously written that, as of March 6, 2020, the first Ukrainian digital bank Monobank reached 2 million subscribers.

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