What vacancies are popular during the quarantine period?


What vacancies have appeared in the labor market, demand for which has increased or remains the same – in a recent review


The quarantine regime launched in Ukraine to stop the spread of coronovirus has already made its mark on the labor market. And, as experts say, the results will be tangible for a long time to come. Expert of job search portal | grc described how employers’ proposals on the labor market have changed during the quarantine.

Since the beginning of quarantine, the courier delivery segment has grown. Accordingly, the need for employers in relevant specialists has increased: couriers, packers, support service operators, drivers, etc. However, given that the demand for applicants for such work has always been very high, there is no shortage of these specifications.

Some “specific” vacancies have also appeared. For example, a personal and corporate virologist-controller of coronavirus, an expert in labor protection and industrial security, an agent for the sale of legal services to companies affected by an epidemic (anti-crisis package). And companies that cannot transfer all employees to a remote work format have spaces for drivers and vehicle departure coordinators who will control the webbill and distribute orders for transportation to company employees. However, these vacancies are still quite rare.

In general, the demand so far maintains the beginning of the year. According to experts, the number of vacancies in the professional sector topped: IT, sales, marketing. However, in the context of a job offer, it is indicated that a final decision to hire an employee will be made after quarantine is canceled. Therefore, the appointment of vacancies is more focused on the formation of a personnel pool and not on the operational employment of a specialist.

It should also be noted that such changes in the labor market:

  • The share of vacancies has increased with the aim of finding experts in professional fields such as IT, accounting, banking and medicine. For the first time the latter entered the top 10 professional fields, and in general it more than doubled the number of job offers;
  • The share of professionals such as sales, administrative staff, production, transport and career start-ups has fallen. In addition, working personnel disappeared from the top-10 of professional fields in terms of the number of vacancies, and the number of vacancies in this professional field was reduced by 9%;
  • In terms of industries, companies in such sectors began to show great activity: information technology, system integration, internet, business services, retail, financial sector and medicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies;
  • The share of total vacancies of companies working in the consumer goods (non-food) sector declined to 8% to 4%. In addition, there has been a significant decline in the number of vacancies held by companies in the construction, real estate and architecture sectors – their number has declined by 23%.

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