What we didn’t know about the film industry


Yes, talent is important, but there is still something in the film industry that many people don’t know about.

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Many people find it easy to make films. Many also believe that having talent guarantees you a role in the best films.

Yes, talent is important, but there is still something in the film industry that many people don’t know about.

First three movies

The very first film can be considered a series of “The Horse in Motion” photographs. The series was created with the help of several cameras and was intended to determine if a galloping horse would lift all four legs off the ground for a moment. It turns out yes.

The second film was The Roundhead Garden Scene. It was shot by Louis Leprence, and is only 2.11 seconds in length, which technically qualifies as a film. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the oldest surviving film ever.

The third film was shot by the Lumiere brothers under the title title of Train. The film depicts how a train approaches a station and passengers walk on a platform with wagons. He says that the screening of the film shocked the audience of the time. The spectators were afraid of the moving train on them, they jumped and ran away, afraid to be afraid.

Animals are mistreated

Of course, you’ve seen animal movies. Often there in the credits he writes: “During the filming of this film, not a single animal was injured.” Sometimes it is true, but sometimes it is a lie.

It happens that animals are brutally treated during the shooting of the film and this also leads to the death of the animals. So, for example, Tiger of the film “Life of Pi” almost drowned during filming.

Alan rickman knew

Joanne Rowling, the author of a series of novels about Harry Potter and the screenplay for films about this young wizard, is revealed to Alan Rickman, the secret of his character Severus Snape.

He already knew that Snape was indeed a good companion protecting young Harry, as Snape was in love with Potter’s mother. Rickman kept a secret for the grave.

Stars on the hollywood walk of fame

Sometimes actors pretend to be surprised to see their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The truth is that they could not know about it, because getting a star is a whole process.

You need to apply for a star in the Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Select Committee. The cost of approximately $ 30,000 includes both installation and star care.

Movie trailers are intentionally cheating

There are several reasons that filmmakers release trailers that are completely different from films. They want the audience to get more seats on the day of the premiere, so the trailer should attract a different audience. For example, a romantic film can be made to look like an eccentric comic.

The second reason is to keep the intrigue to the end and not tell how the film ends. For example, the name Kevin Spacey was not in the trailer for the film “Seven” because the producers did not want to reveal the killer.

William cries

Wilhelm’s scream is a sound effect often used in film and television when a person is hit or falls from the roof of a building. For the first time, this effect was used in the title role with Gary Cooper in the western “Far Drum” in 1951, when a man crossing a river is pulled by a crocodile.

Since then, “William Creek” has been used in over 200 films.

First sound film

The film “Jazz Singer”, which became the first sound film, was released in 1927. It starred Makevoy, Warner Hollande and Al Jolson.

The film cost over $ 400,000, a huge amount at the time.

Hollywood was considered a religious community

Those who produced Hollywood, Harvey and Dad Wilcox represented the place as an ideal community for true Christians, where alcohol would not be served.

It was a good intention, but over time, Hollywood became completely different from what they had dreamed of.

Obscenity charge

At the very end of Gone with the Wind, Rat Butler says the phrase: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”, addressed to the main character.

To use this defective curse, director David Selznick was charged with obscenity and fined $ 5,000. After all, it was in 1939.



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