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IPhone users can already see the changes that will occur with the operating system on their smartphones in the fall

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Yesterday, Apple released the first public beta of iOS 14.. The software allowed iPhone owners to test operating system updates in 2015 or later, with a new iPhone model to be officially unveiled in the fall.

The public version allows users to view and test innovations such as automatic widget updates, automated organization of applications and an updated main screen with a new Siri interface. As it is a beta version, it has bugs. Apple is asking users to notify bugs so that they can fix them before the official launch. So if you are a curious user, feel free to subscribe to the public beta version. If you value stability, we recommend you wait for the official autumn.

What innovations await iPhone users in the new version of iOS 14? Let’s have a look.

Updated home screen with widgets

The most notable innovation is that Apple has replaced the main screen. Now, apart from the application grid, which has not changed since the first iPhone release in 2007, you can add widgets with real-time updates about maps, photos, news, and more.

Application library

When you swipe left on the main screen, a new panel called “Application Library” automatically organizes and sorts your applications, and also creates a list of applications in alphabetical order.

picture in Picture

Now you can watch video or video conference using any other application. A window can be moved and shaped with a different picture.

Unobtrusive phone call notifications

In previous versions of iOS, the notice of an incoming phone call captured the entire screen before you did not talk to the phone. In iOS 14, a small banner, like other notifications, notifies you of a new call. The innovation applies to calls in FaceTime, as well as third party applications such as Skype.

New Siri interface

Siri also no longer takes full screen of the iPhone when you ask her a question. Instead, in iOS 14, Siri pops up from the bottom of the screen and displays a response in the form of a banner.

Translation application

IOS 14 will have a built-in translation app that can translate conversations in real time. To do this, you just need to place the phone between two people who speak different languages. The application is similar to other applications developed by Baidu, Google and Microsoft, but built directly into the phone.

Webpage translation in safari mobile

For years, desktop browsers have been offering automatic translation of web pages when users want to know the essence of a foreign site. Now this facility is available on Mobile Safari.

New memo avatar

In the iPhone’s built-in avatars program, many new settings will be available, for example, it will be possible to add a mask (relevant in 2020, right?)

IMessage enhancements

Apple has made several changes to the text messaging interface on iOS 14. Now users can attach key conversations to the top of the stream, mention contacts inside group messages, and add messages to group messages.

Emoji search

The iPhone keyboard now has a search field for emojis – instead of scrolling through hundreds of emoticons in the process of finding the right one, you can simply use search.

In iOS 14, there are some other changes that are not visible to consumers, including new privacy features in Safari, improved Siri offers for some languages, new keyboard settings. But for the rest, the company hopes to get feedback from its users and improve the new version of the operating system for suggestions.


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