What will bring USF and UAFIC to Ukrainian fintech startups?


The Ukrainian Startup Fund and the Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies signed a memorandum of cooperation

The Ukrainian Startup Fund and the Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies have signed a memorandum of cooperation. The partners will exchange information on best practices for developing the startup ecosystem, facilitating the transfer of relevant knowledge and skills through participation in joint projects, events, meetings, etc.

Startups, members of the Ukrainian FinTech Association, will now undergo initial 3 months of training in marketing, creating business models, working with clients and other essential startup team skills. And after filling out an application for a grant from the Ukrainian Startup Fund, such startups will be evaluated by the Foundation’s experts with a note confirming the completion of the training. In fact, such identification will not provide any benefit, but the fund’s experts will understand that the startup team has gained the basic knowledge needed to develop a successful project.

Pavel Kartashov
Director of Ukrainian Startup Fund

This year, the Ukrainian Startup Fund has funded 12 startups worth approximately 13 million UAH. The Fund’s Supervisory Board has approved the next 6 startups that will receive matching grants of more than $ 4 million. 4 more startups are awaiting the decision of the Supervisory Board on financing in the amount of more than 5 million.
Already in late April, another pitch (first to fifth) will have to apply for grant funding from the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

Rostislav Duke
President of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies

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