What will happen to the exchange rate of the hryvnia after quarantine: the head of the NBU announced a forecast



According to Yakov Smoliy, one should not expect significant changes with the national currency.

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In an interview with “Air Force Ukraine“, The head of the National Bank told what will happen to the hryvnia at the end of quarantine in the country.

This is reported by the “MFN”.

So, according to Smoly, we should not expect sudden jumps in the hryvnia exchange rate:

“We doubt that after the quarantine, everyone will start buying dollars. On the contrary, people will start spending money, because during the quarantine period, the accumulated demand will accumulate. We expect consumption to increase, rather than buying foreign exchange or foreign exchange. “

Yakov Smoly assured that the National Bank knows how to successfully cope with fluctuations in national currencies:

“Do you remember what happened in March, when some turmoil started and we entered the market with interventions. We had to sell more than $ 2 billion to keep the exchange rate stable. “

The head of the NBU boasted that now the rate has strengthened a bit and that they are able to buy dollars on the market:

“In the second quarter, we acquired approximately $ 1 billion. In other words, the situation has turned around 180 degrees. We can work with the market so that the Ukrainians do not experience strong fluctuations. “

Recall that we wrote a little earlier that the dollar could skyrocket in May.



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