What will the weather be like before the end of June and the rest of the summer: forecast by climatologists



Summer in Ukraine is expected to be rainier than in previous years, and the end of June will be unusually hot.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Summer weather forecast.
The climatologist has announced the weather until the end of June and summer. Photo:

Such a forecast was expressed by climatologist Svetlana Boychenko.

According to the expert, rainfall in the territory of Ukraine in recent years has been quite scarce and the summer has been very dry.

“Climatologists said that in the summer we have a problem, especially in July and August 2018, there was very little precipitation. Now the situation is changing. “ – said Boychenko.

According to her, there is a cyclical character, and therefore this summer will be more humid.

At the same time, the unusually hot month of June for the past two years may indicate that the Earth’s climate is restructuring and that cyclical change is possible.

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