What will work in Ukraine from 11 May: a complete list


Where can Ukrainians go with the first relief of quarantine?

What will work in Ukraine from May 11: A complete list of services and facilities. Photo:

Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal first shared a complete list of establishments, enterprises and restrooms that resume work on May 11 as part of quarantine relief.

As the politician emphasized, the enterprises would reopen subject to anti-epidemic measures. It is also necessary to observe social distance, mask diet and regular disinfection.

Work will resume from May 11:

  1. Parks, squares, recreation areas, etc.
  2. Children and playgrounds
  3. Takeaway catering establishments and summer playgrounds
  4. Non-food stores in the mall
  5. Museums, open-air museums and historical and cultural reserves
  6. dental care
  7. Hairdressers & Beauty Salons
  8. Public service establishments (atheists, consumer services, etc.)
  9. National teams training athletes
  10. Lawyer, notary, auditor, psychologist
  11. Media companies
  12. Film and video filming, cinematographic rehearsals, concerts, art groups (up to 50 people and without a viewer)

Also, public transport will only work on special passes, metro, suburban, intragranal and intercity transportation will not work. As stated earlier, the third phase of quarantine concessions is planned to have transportation resumed.

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Recall that the Cabinet of First Ministers relaxed quarantine measures by allowing the operation of such facilities during quarantine: construction work, collecting and storing waste, institutions selling building materials, postal and courier companies, and Dry Cleaner.

The government specified which category of people 60 and older did not require self-segregation: government officials, mayors of all levels, judges, and other persons covered by the law “on a combination of corruption”, Taxes of individuals, military personnel, armed forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies participating in activities to combat the spread of coronovirus Employees, as well as individuals providing the activities of important enterprises.

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