Whats app will add insurance service


The service is currently operating in trial mode in Spain.

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Spanish bank Banco Subdale will add a home insurance service on WhatsApp Messenger.

Currently, the service has been launched in pilot mode through financial institution broker Banabadale Mediaeon and its insurance subsidiary Bainsabadale Segros General. The service is expected to be fully operational in the next few months.

According to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), Banco Subdale allows customers to offer home insurance in WhatsApp application directly to the Banco Subdale customers.

In addition, Bansabadell Seguros Generales customers can use WhatsApp to ask the company’s experts about insurance coverage, information and tips.

Representatives of Banco Subdale said the service would help customers keep records of their interactions with insurers in one place. The bank also emphasized that since WhatsApp chats are encrypted, it means that all communications are confidential.

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Earlier it was reported that less than two weeks after the launch, the Central Bank of Brazil suspended the payment of goods through WhatsApp Messenger citing competition issues in the field of mobile payments.

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