WhatsApp Announces New Chain Restriction Measure


This is an important announcement. Whatsapp through his official blog: A well-known instant messenger app has explored further toughening measures that prevent the bulk sending of certain messages. In short, the war with the so-called “chains”, and as a direct consequence fake news, continues to be a priority goal of a company controlled by Facebook.

Well, starting today messages marked double arrow (a symbol that already means a large number of previous redirects) can be sent only to one chat at a time. It is worth noting that in fact this is the third modification of this type, defined Whatsapp which was previously limited to 20 redirects at the same time, then narrowed the circle to 5.

Frankly, this is a measure that has already been needed for several months: fake in-app news there are plenty of them, and if before that they barely tolerated COVID-19 they are no longer acceptable. News will be installed automatically over the next few days on all devices: there is no need for any manual updates.

Not by chance in the same post (you can read it in full here) Whatsapp Stresses collaboration with WHO, government agencies, ministries of health and various NGOs to provide useful and reliable information to the public.


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