WhatsApp, video calls for up to 8 participants are available on iOS


The news announced a few days ago (it was discussed during the launch of Messenger Rooms) is now official: Whatsapp extends the maximum number of participants for group video and audio calls, bring it to eight.

News is currently only available on IOS: The App Store already has a new version of the popular instant messenger app that is coming out 2:20:50, It is worth emphasizing this aspect: the new functionality will not be available through the update through the server, so you will need to update the application manually (you will not need to do much if you have automatic updates activated).

We also remember that the previous limit was four participants, Whatsapp so he doubled that. Although this applies only to iOS, the news should also include devices in the next few hours. Android: it is no coincidence that frequently asked questions on the official website have also been updated in the section on the green robot. In this regard, it is important to emphasize that in order to activate a group video call on Whatsapp with 8 participants, all users must install the above version.

Obviously, it is no coincidence that this “extension” (we will see later what will happen with user reviews) comes right now: a boom video calls during quarantine and isolation, this is obvious.


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