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The carrier estimates that complete reconstruction will take years

When air travel is fully restored – forecast. Photo:

Global air travel is recovering more slowly than expected. According to carrier forecasts, there will not be a return to pre-epidemic indicators until 2024.

For example, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has pushed back its forecast for the recovery of the industry for a full year due to the slow pace of control of coronovirus outbreaks in the United States and developing countries.

According to IATA chief economist Brian Pearce, air travel is not recovering with increasing business confidence in Europe, the United States and China.

Compared to the previous year, traffic was down 86.5% in June. At the same time, in April this decrease was 94.1%. Pierce said this improvement “may not even boost business confidence.”

Currently China has seen the largest traffic growth. In the United States, the aviation industry also increased traffic, but then new cases of COVID-19 infection in many states halted the process.

At the same time, even with the resumption of flights, airlines cannot fill aircraft in sufficient quantities. On average, they sell 62.9% of seats on domestic flights. On the international lines, the figure is even lower – only 38.9% of seats. This is clearly not enough to become profitable for transportation.

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Earlier we wrote that laboratories undergoing PCR tests for the presence of COVID-19 coronoviruses began to be established at international airports Borspils and Lviv.

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