When and how will the air service start in Ukraine


Foreign Minister told when domestic and international flights would start

We will not fly anywhere in summer: when and how air communication will resume in Ukraine. Photo:

In summer, Ukraine can recover domestic flights, while in the coming months it is not worth waiting for the full recovery of international flights. Snіdanku s 1 + 1 said this to Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitri Kuleba.

Dimitri Kuleba
foreign Minister

According to him, there are now many European countries, which are powerful tourist destinations, “sort your mind on how to solve it.” According to experts, the world will begin to “Uber” in September, the minister said.

Dimitri Kuleba
foreign Minister

Recall, on 24 March, the Cabinet of Ministers banned passenger departures for tourism due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Currently, in Ukraine, quarantine has been extended until 22 May. However, a number of concessions should be made on 11 May. According to Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal, they will resume work from this day:

  1. Parks, squares, recreation areas
  2. Beauty salons, hairdressers
  3. Wholesale and retail trade in non-food products, excluding children’s areas, entertainment and food areas in malls
  4. Takeaway Catering Establishments
  5. Summer cafes and open-air restaurants are registered as electricity operators
  6. Museums, libraries
  7. Training in team and individual sports for professional athletes
  8. Home appliance services
  9. Dentist, Auditor, Lawyer, Notary etc.

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Earlier, we wrote that European airlines send staff on holiday and reduce costs due to coronaviruses. Thus, Dutch airline KLM suspended the recruitment of new staff and external consultants, postponed the implementation of new IT projects and plans to update branches, and also significantly reduced travel expenses in relation to the epidemic. . Germany’s largest airline, Lufthansa, has also suspended recruitment.

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