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New quarantine removal schedule published

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The Ukrainian government supported the decision to soften quarantine from 22 May. It was announced by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal in his Telegram channel.

By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, quarantine in Ukraine was extended to 22 June with the transition to an adaptive model. As Shyamal has said, this would lead to strengthening or weakening of anti-pandemic sanctions in individual areas in case of an outbreak, if there is not conflicting opposition to nationally established sanctions, and the state of the epidemic does not violate the necessary norms. It will be possible to do.

What will be the work in Ukraine from 22 May:

  1. Sports events for 50 people without spectators
  2. Religious events – 1 person per 10 sqm.
  3. City (except metro), suburban and regional transport
  4. Hotel (without restaurant)

What will be the work in Ukraine from 25 May:

  1. The underground
  2. Preschool Educational Institute (Kindergarten)

It is reported that the official decision of the Cabinet will be finalized and published on 21 May.

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Earlier, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko talked about the second phase of restrictive quarantine measures in Kiev, which they plan to start after 22 May.

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