When Money Goes nowhere: absurdly expensive celebrity shopping


Some of them apparently lose their sense of proportion, and with this their purity, and spend obscene amounts of money on the purchase of material things they usually don’t even really need.

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It is no exaggeration to say that in the lives of celebrities, it seems, everything is there: power, fame, influence and wealth. Most of us see them and dream of becoming like them. Even though many celebrities have become role models, some of them seem to be lacking their proportions, and with it their purity, and spend obscene amounts of money to buy material things they usually also really need Is not. And this is at a time when millions of people worldwide are starving, losing their homes or experiencing other terrible conditions in life.

Daniel Radcliffe – $ 17,000 Mattress

Many people at Daniel’s age (he bought this mattress when he was 22) usually pay about $ 17,000 per year for rental accommodation, but again, he did not play Harry Potter. And frankly, for a child who was earning eleven thousand 320,000 dollars, it is indeed a paltry penny; After all, all he wants to do is sleep well at night.

Miley Cyrus – $ 24,000 Hair Extensions

You might think that he really needed it!

Victoria Beckham – $ 36,000 Gold Plated Mobile Phone

A woman everyone once knew how Poush Masala (Gorgeous Peppercorn), spends an incredible amount on a phone plated with pure 24-carat gold, which is occupied by British jeweler Stuart Hughes.

Lady Gaga – $ 50,000 Ghost Detector

No one denies that this woman is, to put it mildly, uniquely, and if an expensive ghost detector helps her feel safe in her home, then, of course, He must have it.

Steven Spielberg – $ 60,000 sled

In 1982, the famous director spent an incredible amount on the sleeve expected with the inscription “Rose plant“Citizen Kane” (1941) from the cult film Orson Welles. He stated that he considered the film a masterpiece of classics, and that these slads symbolized quality in the film business.

Beyoncé and Jay Z – Barbie Doll for $ 80,000

Beyoncé and Jay Z spent 2013 celebrating their daughter’s first birthday on Blue Ivy on a diamond-studded Barbie doll. A Bespoke doll is said to contain 160 gems, as well as white gold jewelry. According to Beyoncé, she wants to establish the principles and values ​​relevant to her child.

Beyoncé – $ 100,000 leggings

Beyoncé has always tried to show the world how thoughtful she is and how much she cares about the socio-economic problems of the public, she especially supports the movement “Black Lives Matter”Opposition to violence against black people. However, this did not stop him from spending an unimaginable amount on leggings to showcase the qualities of his incomparable priests.

Mike Tyson – Two Bengal Tigers for $ 150,000

Mike Tyson, who bears the title of “Worst person on the planet”, can’t just afford to buy some kittens or puppies, can he? Tiger is a completely different matter!

Jennifer Aniston spends $ 140,000 on cosmetics (annually)

Darling of America is not saved on beauty. She always spends a tremendous amount of money on eyebrows modeling, upcoming private yoga sessions, neutral-approved dishes and many beauty treatments to look great. Well, not bad for a girl who is known to all for a television comedy!

Tom Cruise – $ 200,000 Ultrasound Home Appliance

When his ex-wife Katie Holmes was pregnant with their child, Tom Cruise decided to make her pregnancy as comfortable as possible, so he bought her a home ultrasound machine, which she could use at any time. It is a pity that after her divorce, she can no longer use this expensive device.

Jay Z – $ 250,000 Champagne Bottles

Jay Z knows what it feels like to live in extreme poverty. He even has a song about it. However, as soon as he succeeded, he forgot that life was full of difficulties. One of his favorite hobbies is to plunk a hefty amount into several bottles of the now aristocratic Armaan de Brigac Champagne.



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