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Government roadmap for submission to a country

We leave quarantine: when the first concessions arrive in Ukraine. Photo:

Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal shared in his Telegram channel the government roadmap to get Ukraine out of quarantine. According to the politician, the plan will cover 5 phases and may begin on May 11, subject to favorable epidemic conditions.

As the Prime Minister said, there are clear indicators at each stage and it depends on the dynamics of the spread of the disease.

Denis Shimgal
Prime Minister of Ukraine

According to the schedule, the metro will operate for special transportation in the third phase, provided that the number of people recovered within 10 days is two or more than the number of new infections. The metro operation will resume completely in the fourth phase, when the number of new unrelated cases of the disease every day for 10 days will not exceed five people per region.

It is noted that the lifting of sanctions will be subject to necessary safeguards and the implementation of new trade rules and facilities.

note. Before Kiev Metro Denied This information was circulated by Telegram that the metro does not start functioning before 31 May, and passengers will be allowed to start from 10 June. As specified on the carrier’s official website, Metro did not provide any information about resuming work, and news circulated in the media about possible dates is not consistent with reality. The Metro Press Service said, “As per the Cabinet resolution, quarantine measures including the operation of the metro have been extended till May 11.”

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Recall that the Cabinet of First Ministers relaxed quarantine measures during quarantine by allowing the operation of such facilities: construction work, collecting and storing waste, institutions selling building materials, postal and courier companies, and Dry Cleaner.

The government specified what kind of self-alienation people in the age group of 60 and above did not require: duties of government officials, all levels, mayors, judges and other individuals who are subject to the law, “on a combination of corruption “People involved in activities to combat the spread of coronovirus, military personnel, Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies are empowered Forces personnel, as well as the key figure in supporting enterprises’ activities.

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