Where does the coronavirus invasion come from: astrologers have told the whole truth



The terrible coronavirus and the ensuing financial crisis have dealt the world an irreparable blow.

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Astrologers have told the truth about coronavirus.
Astrologers have told the whole truth about coronavirus. Photo:

The fact that serious problems could arise on Earth in 2020, warned Wang. Now everyone is interested in the end of this cursed epidemic, and people can resume their usual way of life.

Astrologers have not deviated from the forecast. Pavel Globa said that this problem on our planet is due to the planet Lilith (Black Moon), which passed under the sign of Aries on January 27.

According to the astrologer, this hidden planet is a provocateur for political processes, as well as for health problems and the occurrence of epidemics.

As an example, Globa recalled that the European plague pandemic, which claimed the lives of many, occurred precisely at the location of the Black Moon in Aries.

The astrologer also pointed out that 2020 is a leap year, which completes the general situation with a negative influence. And, as you know, the symbol of this year is the Rat, which has long been considered a peddler of various infections.

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