Where the course will go: the expert has given a forecast for the week until June 20



According to the forecasts of financial experts, a rather favorable situation is developing on the Ukrainian foreign exchange market.

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What will happen to the exchange rate.
Experts have given a forecast on the hryvnia exchange rate for the coming week. Photo:

Senior analyst Alpari Vadim Iosub forecasts that the hryvnia will gradually strengthen during the week of June 15-20

“For next week, we expect the dollar to drop slightly against the hryvnia. The dollar rate on the interbank market can be traded in one week at around 26.6 UAH, and the dollar cash in banks can be traded at around 26.4 / 26.6 UAH “, – said Yosub.

At the same time, the National Bank of Ukraine strengthened the official exchange rate of the dollar on June 15 by 13 kopecks compared to the previous banking day. According to information posted on the NBU website, on June 15, the dollar was set at 26.7303 hryvnias per 1 dollar, while on June 12, the dollar was worth 26.5999 hryvnias.

The official euro exchange rate for June 15 is fixed at 30.2119 hryvnia per unit of euro, 4 kopecks more than on June 12.

Previously reported on the exchange rate on June 12, 2020.



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