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You can update your supplies through grocery delivery services, in online supermarkets and using courier services

Refill Stock: Choosing The Best Food Delivery Services

The WHO also strongly discourages leaving home to buy food, as quarantine and self-isolation are an important remedy for the distribution of cases and burdens on health systems. Furthermore, the option looks even more attractive than the intense wait in lines for supermarkets.

Online shopping and home delivery are much better for visiting stores, as it reduces customer interaction. Even when it comes to achieving the “most essential” and long-awaited walk, it is very safe for yourself and others to order right online.

In general, Ukraine has very good conditions for online shopping. Many large retail chains and supermarkets across the country offer to order products for any date, not to mention personal delivery services that gained popularity even before the epidemic.

Perhaps the most familiar and popular delivery service in Ukraine remains Zakazoru. The company operates in eight cities in the country (Kiev, Lviv, Denipro, Odessa, Winnitsa, Kharkov, Zytomir and Zaporozhe) and orders from several supermarkets.

The collaborative services network consists of Auchan, Novus, Metro, Fourchette and Megamarket. It is proposed to use the site and place an order through the mobile application. The process of selecting a product and, in fact, ordering is simple and convenient. There is more inconvenience due to wait times and congestion of service – if there are multiple orders, your recipient can reach in a day, or even more.

Refill Stock: Choosing the Best Food Delivery Services. Photo: InfoPortal


Fozzyshop Service – Works on a small scale, in Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov, Vyshgorod, Vishnevoy and Boryspil. A nice bonus is the availability of online payment.

The site offers to shop in supermarkets Foji, Silpo and Fora. There is a range of products with free delivery, but there is no possibility of distribution in Novaya Posta offices or self-delivery options. The waiting time is also long – the number of orders on the service is increasing every day, with couriers warning of late arrival.

Rozetka, Ukraine’s most famous market, also distributes products online. The service operates across the country and provides new post offices with different orders or grocery sets.

It is also possible to pay for a grocery set that will be distributed to pensioners – the program works in Kiev, Lviv and Dnieper. The program was launched by Rosetka, Nova Poshta and the Build-Up Fund in collaboration with the city’s administration.

In addition, a free delivery campaign was launched in Rozetka – subject to an order for 500 UAH. Free distribution has also been introduced to Justin branches.

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Refill Stock: Choosing the Best Food Delivery Services. Photo: InfoPortal


The most accessible and universal delivery service in Ukraine. The Glovo courier broke into the lives of Ukrainians relatively recently, but had already managed to gain a customer. With Glowo, they order products not only from supermarkets, but from anywhere, even directly from food bases.

Today Glavo is available in 17 Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Vinnitsa, Denipro, Cherry, Zytomir, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporozhe, Nikolaev, Lviv, Odessa, Poltava, Kharkov, Sumi, Kheras, Chergasi, Cherkassy, ​​Chernitsy.

Glavo is quite convenient to use, often ordered using a mobile application, but it is possible to do so from a PC on the service website. The company also introduced the possibility of contactless delivery, which is extremely important in quarantine.


Without the possibility of physical travel, the service initially positions itself as an online supermarket. The specialty of the store is the ability to order dishes, which are convenient when it comes to bakery products. Order status is tracked online.

At the moment, Produktoff is a small service that serves residents of Kiev and the region, as well as Odessa, Denipro and Kharkov. But the relatively small flow of customers makes the day-to-day order more real.


Kabachik’s coverage – In more than 70 cities in Ukraine, couriers can be selected by rating, and lead time will not necessarily exceed the norm. If the buyer suddenly has a problem with unscrupulous couriers, the service promises to be compensated in the amount of one thousand Bronkneys.

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