Where to track air quality: top of the most reliable resources


The most reliable way to track air pollution in your area is to use international online resources.

How, where and why to monitor air quality in Ukraine: above the most reliable resources

Recently, Kiev has become the dirtiest city in the world – the air of the capital was unprecedentedly unsuitable for breathing. Often other areas of the country cause problems with air quality – especially in Kharkov and Lviv, and in Maripaul and Dnieper, things get worse.

No first year environmentalists and doctors are talking about problems with air quality in Ukraine. The concentrations of microproids are rapidly reaching critical values, which may not affect health status.

Toxic “cocktails” affect the health of many – chronic diseases worsen, asthma, bronchitis, heart and blood vessel diseases develop. Chronic fatigue appears and, worst of all, increases the risk of developing oncology. When you breathe in gases like carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide, the cells that block the airways absorb them. If ingested, gases can enter the bloodstream and spread to internal organs. There they do damage. If the substances do not enter the bloodstream, they damage the lungs.

Yes, large-scale fires are a limitless event for Ukraine, and automobile traffic completely disappeared after the introduction of quarantine. But this situation does not happen without industrial emissions – in the east of the country, indicators of iron oxide, formaldehyde and hydrogen fluoride have steadily increased. In the West, in turn, nitrogen dioxide, phenol and carbon monoxide are easily blocked in the lungs of local residents.

You can use online tools to understand the real picture of air purity in your area. Such data is provided by many resources, both international and domestic.


А is an online map of air pollution that collects and publishes indicators worldwide including Ukraine. For this, 11 thousand sensors were installed in 90 countries as part of the project, mainly in big cities. The map allows you to not only monitor air pollution in real time, but also compare the performance of different countries. On the site you can see analysts’ forecasts about the expected air purity.

How, where and why to monitor air quality in Ukraine: above the most reliable resources

Stormy is a weather map, but also the ability to view air pollution worldwide. To access the required data, you have to go into Settings and turn on the Air Quality item. It was screenshots from that made the network the first to stir when Kiev was covered with smog’s dark clouds.

World air quality index

The resource not only shows data on wind composition around the world, but also makes forecasts and presents a detailed analysis of the annotations history of each city over the past 14 months. To assess air quality, the site uses a system of scheduled ratings and color marks. You can add your own monitoring system to the map.


Unique in its own way, the Israeli project provides very interesting data on air quality – different from many. This is because the company uses a new approach to calculating the pollution index – Freezometer believes that it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each individual country, as each region has its own quality level. In Israel, there are four quality levels, and six in the United States. The site also provides health recommendations based on current indices.


IQAir is a Swiss international company that has been developing innovative solutions for indoor air cleaning for the past 57 years as well as it monitors air pollution worldwide. The website constantly updates ratings and articles on air hygiene, as well as a real-time map and seven-day forecast.

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