Which apps collect information about you secretly


New research shows that Google Play apps collect personal information

Scientists sound the alarm: applications that secretly collect information about users. Photo: AndroidInsider

Information that helps determine a user’s gender, religion, and relationship status is collected by many applications on Google Play without notifying the user. To be precise, more than four thousand applications are involved in such activities. This allows developers and advertisers to create detailed user profiles. This has been said in a joint study of Dutch, Swiss and Italian scientists.

The applications use an Android-provided software interface that scans the phone for detailed information about all other applications installed on the phone. Information about applications that include names, dates when they were first installed and recently updated, as well as more than three dozen other categories, is downloaded into remote servers without permission.

Some developers, however, argue that gathering information is the basis for launching new applications, as it helps to take into account all the specifications of the user’s desktop, for example.

But the data can also be used by advertisers and developers to collect a detailed user profile. Using this analysis, you can, for example, determine the gender of a user with an accuracy of 70%.

In descending order, the five most popular categories of Google Play apps that collected the most frequently were data: comics (71%), personalization (61%), cars and vehicles (54%), and families (43%).

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