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Ukrainian business introduces instant remote communication, remote document management and digitization of advertising

Computed Businesses: What services are most interesting for entrepreneurs

Quarantine has become a real test for Ukrainian business. Whichever area is discussed, all had to change in one way or another to the new economic reality: customer requests changed words of demand beyond recognition. The new crisis actually turned out to be a completely unique phenomenon, requiring entrepreneurs with unprecedented flexibility.

The most serious difficulties and, at the same time, the richest potential, provide the transition to online business. The Internet is the only place where there are many buyers and customers, with the network already replacing counters and office centers. And this requires a new approach to organizing business projects.

So, since the time of the coronovirus, the Ukrainian entrepreneur has received many tasks that need to be implemented immediately. For example, to establish remote communication, remote document exchange and digitization of advertising – these areas have become a new area of ​​interest for adaptive business. In addition, the crisis provoked the need for financial services that allow you to accept and transfer payments in different currencies and for different platforms.

According to a recent Kievstar analytics, the number of connections for Microsoft Office 365 and StarTeams corporate services in Ukraine has exceeded 20 times. Around 2.5 times increased the number of connections to the electronic document management service Star.Docs.

Microsoft Office 365 and StarTeams services are used for remote meetings, video calls, corporate portals, and mailboxes. They also allow employees to remotely collaborate with documents and work tasks. The services are mainly used by representatives of medium and small businesses.

Computed Businesses: Which services are most interesting for entrepreneurs. Photo: tdnyc

Interestingly, sales and contact centers also quietly moved to remote work – the number of connections Virtual mobile telephone exchange With the rapid transfer of all calls from fixed telephone lines of offices to mobile numbers of employees working from home, it more than 4 times for large companies and more than doubled for medium and small businesses.

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Remote work services are most popular among wholesale and retail companies, light and manufacturing industries, logistics companies, as well as agriculture and financial sectors, hotel and construction businesses, state enterprises, health care institutions, natural resource suppliers and companies. Services for business and public.

According to the Softline IT solution provider, adaptation of a business to a remote work format is accompanied by an increase in the number of requests for administration of workplaces – the service has become 1.5–2 times more popular. In addition, with the introduction of quarantine, the demand for qualified staff and the creation of IT infrastructure increased significantly, which increased interest in outsourced specialist support services.

In addition, due to the massive transition to remote work, many companies began to overcompensate the first and second technical support lines – in large organizations, the number of calls increased 1.5–2 times.

The need for lending is also increasing, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, in the first quarter of 2020, the amount of financing for small and medium-sized businesses by PrivatBank increased to UAH 640 million.

Computed Businesses: Which services are most interesting for entrepreneurs. Photo: Pinoy Bines

As many companies have “lost” 53.1% of their customers in the wake of the crisis (according to the INDIGO Tech Recruiters Survey), marketing spending and new ad formats are being actively spent on budgeting: entrepreneur contextual advertising, call tracking, SEO-Audit, Site optimization services interested in link building. Apparently, many missed the lesson from Amazon, which had made a fortune during the 2009 crisis by investing in advertising for Kindle e-books.

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In addition, domestic merchants have increased interest in mobile business applications, for example, according to App Annie, the number of Hangout Meat downloads in the category has increased more than 13 times, and demand for Zoom video conferencing services has increased 9-fold. . In addition, Boss-App, TapScanner, and Olymprade business applications quickly became popular.

Boss-App – Application to maintain a warehouse and facilitate the maintenance of financial accounting with the tasks of creating a price list, inventory and revaluation of products, mutual settlements with customers, suppliers, and more. TapScanner is used to scan documentation without loss of quality, and Olymprade is a platform for traders and exchange trading.

It is commendable that one of the main goals of most companies is to retain employees. But services specializing in the search and selection of new personnel also remained unanswered from the business. Employee is expanding online stores, offline markets, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and even taxi and delivery services.

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