While Putin is isolated, Patriarch Kirill rolls an icon of the Mother of God around Moscow in a Mercedes with a procession of cars and flashing lights, saving the capital from the coronavirus (Video)



On April 3, an unusual event occurred in Moscow. Patriarch Kirill smuggled an “anticoronavirus” icon into the capital and prayed to be freed from the epidemic.

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Mercedes Patriarch Kirill with a procession.
A procession with Cyril and an icon passes in front of the Kremlin on April 3, 2020. Photo:

It should be noted that Cyril and the icon were driving in a Mercedes, accompanied by a procession of cars with police officers and flashing lights. Some federal TV stations are broadcasting this event live. Later, it was clarified that, in the hands of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, there was an icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness”, which believers consider to be miraculous. (Cm. Video )

It should be noted that the prayer against the coronavirus of the Russian Orthodox Church was approved on March 22, at the same time as the message of Cyril to the faithful was published on the website of the Patriarchate, in which he called “Intensify prayer to the Lord for the protection of people from harmful pain”

This event was not left without the attention of bloggers. Here is one of the illustrative comments of the social network.

While we are isolated, the patriarch saves Moscow. In addition to the jokes – Cyril travels around Moscow, seated in a Mercedes, and makes prayers to save the country from a coronavirus. All this is broadcast live on the television channel Spas, ask the presenters. It looks like the peak of the epidemic looks exactly like this, “ – wrote a baza user on Twitter.

It had already been reported that a pandemic would accelerate Putin’s departure.

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