While we will not have revenge in power, Arahamia considers the “Servant of the People” as a completely pro-Ukrainian party



According to David Arahamia, there is no reason to speak of the return to power of the people of Yanukovych or the return of Ukraine to Russia.

David Arahamia
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He said so in an interview with the publication “HB“Writes” MFN “.

The head of the faction “Servant of the People” noted that they would not allow any revenge, because inside the faction there were exclusively pro-Ukrainian feelings:

“I don’t see any revenge. I know what’s going on in our party, what kind of revenge are we talking about? It’s just impossible.”

Arahamia admitted that there are people in the faction who “shout the loudest”, but they certainly do not express the position of the whole party:

“But you heed the words of those who cry out louder. They are bloggers. Everyone reads them and begins to think that their position is that of everyone in “SN”. But it is far from being the case. “

The people’s deputy stressed that the majority of the “Servant of the People” faction is completely pro-Ukrainian:

“I don’t care about anything, I know the internal state of the faction. We have a lot of people from western Ukraine … They’ll just rip what they want revenge. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Borislav Bereza called David Arahamia a moron.



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