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Telemedicine services are gaining popularity among Ukrainian users, as it is convenient, profitable, secure. And under quarantine conditions in the COVID-19 pandemic country, it is still more relevant than ever

Liquor Online is one of the first organizations in Ukraine to offer remote medical consulting services, so, using the product of this particular company as an example, we decided to understand all the nuances of telemedicine – its advantages and loss. To do this, we studied the platform Liquor online, Independently tested the service, and also spoke with the company’s co-founders – Maxim Patrin and Denis Denishenko.

Telemedicine is a profitable promotional product for banks, insurance companies and MFIs.

Liquor does not work with online retail customers: telemedicine services are available only to customers of partners – banks, insurance companies and microfinance organizations.

For telemedicine banking institutions, first of all, is of special interest. First, such a product allows the bank to receive additional commission income (if you sell telemedicine, for example, with a credit card or deposit). Secondly, with the help of additional product from a partner, you can increase the attractiveness of your own products, making it advantageous to stand out among the competitors. Thus, it is possible to offer telemedicine to accelerate the sale of your products (for example, when opening a deposit for a certain amount, offer telemedicine as a gift to the customer).

For this purpose, in addition to Voluntary Health Insurance (VMI), telemedicine is also offered by insurance companies to their customers.

Denis Denishenko
Co-founder of Liquor Online

In addition to VHI, large enterprises connect their employees with remote medical consulting services. However, due to the high cost of services (good insurance costs to 15 to 30 thousand hryvnias per person), not all companies provide medical insurance for employees, and in this case, telemedicine is the only one to take care of their employees’ health A possible solution could be, because even the annual Liquor online package would cost around 1000 UAH. And partners also buy the product cheaper.

Telemedicine is also interested in:

  • Mobile operator (as a means of increasing the attractiveness of its services);
  • Large travel companies (other than insurance policies traveling abroad) (not only).

What tasks can be solved by telemedicine, and what is beyond its power

It is important to understand that telemedicine is not an option for medical insurance or insurance policy, as it does not cover the cost of examination, purchase of medicines, etc. The goal of telemedicine is to provide qualified and timely support to the patient remotely (without visiting the clinic).

From telemedicine Liquor online – It is a remote consultation of doctors, available all over Ukraine and anywhere in the world. The user of the service can make an online appointment with the right specialist or receive operational advice from a doctor on duty who will contact the patient within 3 minutes after request. If necessary, the doctor will diagnose and provide a written opinion.

However, there are many issues in which telemedicine is still powerless. For example, a user of a service Liquor online One would not be able to obtain a drug or a prescription for sick leave, at the moment, according to Ukrainian law, such actions are illegal. In addition, real help online cannot always be provided in theory – in some cases, a one-person meeting with a doctor and an appropriate examination is required.

Telemedicine Features From liqueur online

24 hour doctor consultation (remotely) Yes (+ / v)
WDoctor appointment at convenient time Yes
Of postska The diagnosis Yes
Getting a second opinion (review of diagnostics) Yes
Doctor’s opinion (including original receipt on official form of clinic) Yes
Go to full time doctor No
admitted to hospital No
Getting sick No
Recipe Statement No
Coverage of drug testing and purchase costs No

Only real help

Customers Liquor online Can make an appointment with doctors of different profiles – from physician to surgeon. Only 15 specializations.

Only those physicians who can truly help remotely are involved, while they share the vision of conducting remote counseling and successfully cope with their mission.

Maxim Patrin
Co-founder of Liquor Online

Who needs it?

The main users of Liquor Online are women between the ages of 20 and 45 (mainly pregnant and / or with children). They are most in need of remote counseling, as health questions often arise, and they are not advised to go back to crowded places.

The service is also popular among those who travel a lot or travel frequently on business, as well as those who simply do not have time to go to the doctor. Another category of users is for residents of remote areas where obtaining qualified medical care is problematic.

Telemedicine in practice: how Liquor online service works

You can use the services of the service through a website or mobile application. Each registered user receives a username and password up to their personal account in the system, where the history of all future consultations and downloaded documents (analysis and results of examinations, doctors’ reports, etc.) will be saved in the future.

The information stored in your account is confidential and exclusively available to the patient and doctors.

If immediate consultation is required, the client may contact an on-site physician or pediatrician who is in contact 24 hours. The average response time of an expert is 3 minutes.

If you have an internet problem, the customer can seek advice over the phone.

For scheduled consultations, an appointment with narrow-profile specialists is available. You just need to choose a doctor, as well as a convenient date and time for communication.

You can get counseling in any convenient format – chat, video / audio call.

A doctor’s visit through the Liquor online system is a full appointment in compliance with all standards of conducting a consultation (medical history, recommendations, findings). Doctors close more than half of cases online, that is, reception ends with diagnosis. This is when additional examinations and consultations are not required (acute respiratory viral infection, poisoning in children, rash or pathology etc.).

Is it legal to diagnose online and who is responsible for the client’s health?

Number 681 of October 19, 2015, on the approval of regulatory documents regarding the use of telemedicine in the field of health care “is remotely permitted,” by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. All responsibility (for appointments, recommendations, diagnosis, etc.) rests with the clinic, which provides counseling as a licensed medical institution.

Clearly, telemedicine cannot, for objective reasons, replace classical medicine. By the way, she does not claim it. This direction is simply an additional option that helps to close certain issues without going to the clinic. As a result: saving time, reducing the risk of obtaining inappropriate information from non-core sources, the ability to get qualified help anywhere and anytime.


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