Who needs to isolate themselves – List of people established by the Cabinet



Who needs to isolate themselves - List of people established by the Cabinet

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established that patients with coronavirus, patient contact persons and people over the age of 60 should isolate themselves.

This is indicated in government decree No. 255 of April 2.

According to the document, people who need to isolate themselves are:

– persons who have been in contact with the COVID-19 patient, with the exception of persons who wore personal protective equipment as part of their official duties;

– Persons for whom there is a suspicion of infection, or persons suffering from COVID-19 and not requiring hospitalization

– people who have reached the age of 60, with the exception of people carrying out activities related to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, ensuring the functioning of critical infrastructures.

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Note that the doctor treating a patient or a person suspected of COVID-19 infection determines the duration of self-isolation according to industry standards in the health care field.

The employees of the public institutions of the ministry of health of the epidemiological profile determine a personal list of people who need to isolate themselves in relation to a COVID-19 patient and enter information in the information systems concerned.

At the same time, the government has found that people who need to isolate themselves (with the exception of patients with COVID-19) and who declared that it was impossible to deal with them during the self – isolation by others, are allowed to visit places selling food, hygiene products, medicine and medicine. products located at a distance not exceeding 2 kilometers from the place of self-isolation, subject to the use of personal protective equipment, including respirators or protective masks, without exhalation valve.

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In addition, those people who need to isolate themselves (with the exception of people with COVID-19) and who stated that it was impossible to take care of themselves during the period of self-isolation by d other people are allowed to walk their animals twice a day.

The monitoring of compliance with the self-isolation regime should be carried out by the national police and the national guard, employees of public institutions of the Ministry of Health from the epidemiological profile, officials authorized by the local authorities, including using the mobile application of the State’s unified web portal for electronic services.

As reported, on March 25, the Ukrainian government introduced an emergency regime nationwide and maintained quarantine until April 24.

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