WHO says first to receive coronavirus vaccine



Although the COVID-19 vaccine itself has not yet been created, the World Health Organization has already said who will be the first online for vaccination.

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About it, “MFN” refers to “Reuters“.

At the WHO, they believe it will be possible to find a vaccine against the coronavirus in 2020 and millions of doses of the drug will be manufactured before its end. The first to receive it:

  • physicians and others at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus;
  • people at risk (elderly people and people with concomitant illnesses);
  • people in rooms with a high risk of indoor infection (prisons, retirement homes, etc.)

“We are embarking on an optimistic scenario. Of course, developing a vaccine is a long and difficult undertaking. But now, many different vaccines are being developed around the world … And even if the first one fails, there is no reason to lose hope. We cannot just give up. “

Recall, Zelensky said earlier that Ukraine should receive a coronavirus vaccine as soon as it appears.



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