Who will lead Oshdbank: Shortlist of published candidates


Among the candidates are top managers of Oschaidbank and FUIB

A short list of candidates for the key post of Oschadbank’s board has been published. Photo:

The Finance Ministry of Ukraine decided on five candidates for the post of head of state board of Oschdbank. This publication reports ZN.UA In terms of its source.

According to media reports, the list of candidates is as follows:

  • Gennady Helmski – Director of the Structured Business Finance Department of Ukrgasbank
  • Galina Pachachuk – Deputy Head of Privitank
  • Sergey Numov – Head of the Board of Piraeus Bank
  • Anton Tyutun – deputy head of the board of Oscheddbank
  • Sergey Magdeach – Deputy Head of the Board of the FUIB

At the same time, the publication noted that the short list does not include the candidacy of the current head of the board of Oschaidbank, Andrei Paishany.

“Yes, I confirm that after canceling the previous selection, I decided not to participate in it anymore and did not submit documents for the newly announced competition. We need to move forward.

This is the second competition for the position of head of the board of Oschadbank. It was first announced in March this year, however, in early May it was canceled with the words “in relation to external unforeseen circumstances”, writes ZN.UA.

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Earlier we had written that Oschaidbank plans to close 600 branches. It was announced by the head of the board of directors of the financial institution Baiba Apin. According to him, now the bank has 2.4 thousand branches, according to the plan, there should be only about 1.8-2 thousand. Thus, Oschadbank seeks to optimize the physical network of branches through cuts and modernization.

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