Why dogs lick their paws (and sometimes bite)


There are seven reasons to know if you should worry about this common canine habit.

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Dogs can often be seen licking or chewing on their paws. Is it worth worrying? Sometimes it is worth it. Here is all you need to know about this common but obscure dog behavior.

“It is common practice for dogs to lick their paws from time to time. However, if the dog does this all the time or just licks its paws, it can be a sign that something is wrong.

There are seven reasons to know if you need to worry about this common canine habit.


A dog can step on a glass or a fork, break a claw, be bitten by a bee, or burn with hot asphalt. There are just some circumstances that can cause this behavior. You have to closely observe each paw, the space between the dog’s paws and pads, and the outside of the paws. If you have everything you need to hand off, you can take care of your pet and clean the wound yourself. If in doubt, see your vet.


Fleas and ticks can bite your pet anywhere with unbearable itching, including claws. These blood-sucking parasites can be the reason for licking your dog’s paw, especially during the summer months. There are several options for getting rid of canine parasites. Your vet can help you decide which is best for your dog’s specific condition. Flea removal along with home remedies should be approached with caution.

food allergy

It is not entirely clear, but it is common knowledge that food allergies cause itchy claws in dogs. While it is not clear why claws react to allergies, one of the main signs veterinarians have is when a dog licks its paws. “In these situations, you should talk to your vet about which food is best for your dog,” Dr. Lobos recommends. “Some dog owners find that a complete and balanced diet with low content or a source of animal protein can help solve the problem.”


A dog that is constantly licking its paws can experience pain – but not necessarily in the paws. Many dogs licked their front paws to soothe the agony, with pain anywhere on their body. This can take a while to figure out, as dogs, like many other animals, try to hide their pain. But, if you suspect that your pet is suffering, you should contact your vet.


Dermatitis in dogs can be caused by an allergic reaction to anything in their environment. Usually lawn chemicals, rock salt or other de-icing agents, and weeds and allergenic plants. If you notice that your dog licks its paws during a certain season or during certain weather conditions, then dermatitis can be the cause. For this purpose, clean your dog’s paws after each walk with a wipe, and bathe your pet regularly with a special shampoo.

abnormal behavior

Bored or anxious dogs may lick their paws. Even energetic dogs can get bored, and calm-looking puppies can become anxious under certain circumstances. In such cases, you should consult a dog handler or vet. The sooner you understand the reason for your pet’s unusual behavior, the easier it will be to fix it.


This applies to greyhound owners. Greyhounds are practically the only breed that suffer from corns due to the unique shape of their claws. Calluses can be very uncomfortable for your dog, forcing him to lick his throat paws. In such cases, special shoes help, and you should also avoid walking the dog on pavements and other hard surfaces.

It does not matter for what reason the dog licks its claws. In any case, with the help of your veterinarian and if possible, try to find the cause and solve the problem.


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