Why the weather in Ukraine has become extreme, the meteorologist talked about the characteristics of climate change



No one claims that major climate change has taken place in Ukraine.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Climate change in Ukraine.
An expert from the Ukrhydrometcentre explained the reason for the abnormal weather in Ukraine. Photo:

These atypical weather conditions are the result of global warming, which we have only heard of in recent years.

Forecasters are convinced that Ukraine is at the stage of changing climatic conditions.

What are the risks of climate change and its characteristics. This was said by Ukrhydromettsentra expert Alexander Hal.

“Until recently, skeptics had many doubts about global warming, and today almost no one doubts its existence. In general, the UN sees climate change as the greatest threat to nature and humanity in the 21st century, “ – said the meteorologist.

According to her, global warming is creating extreme weather conditions not only in Ukraine, but all over the planet. People regularly learn it from the global media.

Temperature records, hail and snow in summer, tornadoes, emergence of deserts in our country – all this is the result of global warming. It is impossible to stop this process.

“There is a high probability that in the near future the number of spontaneous weather events will increase. This also applies to tornadoes “, – the expert has warned.

According to Hala, atypical weather events and natural disasters should continue to shake our entire planet and Ukraine as well.

Weather previously reported on June 18, 2020.



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