Wife Kozhara reported suspicion due to false testimony



Wife Kozhara reported suspicion due to false testimony

Kiev region police investigators have raised suspicions of knowingly giving false testimony to Marina Kozerod, the wife of former Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, on suspicion of murdering businessman Sergei Staritsky.

This was reported by the Communication Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

“Kiev region police investigators have reported suspicion of former Foreign Minister suspected of murdering his wife for knowingly giving false testimony,” the report said.

In particular, the police recalled that on February 22, the Kiev region police opened a criminal investigation into the death of a 56-year-old man who was found shot and injured in the former minister’s house .

It should be noted that a month later, the Kiev region police, under the procedural direction of the local prosecution, arrested the suspect.

“After that, the suspect’s wife sent a letter to investigators saying that she was guilty of the death of their guest. The woman misled the investigation by reporting a false mechanism to inflict fatal injuries on the dead so that her husband escapes any criminal responsibility, “noted in the department.

It is specified that when Kozhara was elected preventive measure in the courtroom, the woman was explained the rights and obligations of the witness and was warned of her criminal responsibility in accordance with the requirements of art. 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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“However, the accused, unlike the law, deliberately misled the investigating judge and gave false testimony. She stated in particular that the weapon was in the hands of the deceased, she approached him and tried to take the gun away. During this fight, a gunshot rang and the guest fell the sex of the ex-minister, according to the woman, was not in the room that time, “said the department.

The police, for their part, received a transcript of the woman’s appearance in court, analyzed it and found a number of disagreements with the production equipment, and, in order to verify the woman’s testimony, they ordered investigation.

“In the presence of lawyers, a forensic expert and law enforcement officials, the suspect reproduced the events of that evening. After a thorough investigation, the experts concluded that the wife of the “The former minister did not know all the circumstances of the incident, so she could not have been involved in the specified murder, which means that her testimony is false.”, Police said.

On April 10, investigators from the Kiev region police informed the suspect of suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 384 of the Criminal Code, this is a false statement by a court or other authorized body.

The sanction of the article provides for the maximum penalty in the form of imprisonment of up to 5 years.

The investigation is ongoing. Law enforcement efforts are aimed at conducting a full, objective and impartial investigation.

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As reported, on March 27, the Shevchenko district court in the capital chose a restraint in the form of 60-day detention with the possibility of paying a deposit of 14 million 82,000 UAH to the former minister Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, suspected of the murder of businessman Sergei Staritsky.

The investigation estimates that the former foreign minister killed Staritsky, then organized his suicide.

At the same time, lawyers for Kozhara said that his wife, Marina Kozerod, had confessed to the murder of businessman Sergei Staritsky. This was allegedly stated in her statement, which she tabled on March 25.

On February 21, in the house of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2012-2014 Leonid Kozhara, located in the village of Chaika, the murder of the former head of the Inter TV channel, of the director general of the television Tonis and one of the owners of the Atlantic advertising group holding Sergey Staritsky.

The police initially investigated the suicide, but later the death of a businessman was described as intentional murder.

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According to the Kyiv region prosecutor’s office, a preliminary investigation revealed that on February 21, the suspect, his wife and Staritsky were drinking alcohol. There was a conflict between men, which turned into a fight.

The suspect took a gun and struck the victim in the back of the head, after which he shot him in the head, from where he died instantly.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs was informed on March 25 of a suspicion of a criminal offense under Part 1 of Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional, that is, deliberately unlawful murder causing death to another person). The sanction of the article provides for a prison sentence of seven to 15 years.

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