Wild and tragic accidents occurring around COVID-19. part 1


Against the backdrop of general confusion, rather strange situations arose in the world, which are hardly possible in a quiet time.

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The global epidemic caused by coronavirus not only kills human life, but also destroys economic and social relationships. Against the backdrop of general confusion, a rather strange situation arose in the world, hardly possible in a quiet time.

Garlic overdose

After listening to the recommendations, a woman from China’s Zhejiang province went to the hospital after eating about one and a half kilograms of garlic for two weeks, causing a malfunction. She experienced many unpleasant symptoms, including temporary numbness due to inflammation of the mucous membrane due to the consumption of such a large amount of caustic product. The patient insisted on tomography, and doctors had to convince him that the cause of the disease was not a new virus, but brute force with garlic.

Iranian Methanol Tragedy

There is no reason to be poisoned for fear of catching the virus. Unlike usable ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol is a poison. Why did Iranians drink methanol for fear of coronovirus? The fact is that alcohol is prohibited in Iran, and you can only buy it from under the floor, which allows unscrupulous traders to sell unsold goods.

Unfortunately, the saddest cases relate to attempts by adults to treat their children with methanol. According to the Jakarta Post, 44 Iranians died from drinking with the intention of drinking alcohol. The New York Times already writes about 480 deaths and 2850 poisons.

Fight for toilet paper

One of the most surprising manifestations of coronavirus virus in its inadvertence is the large-scale purchase of toilet paper. The same thing happened all over the planet: crowds of people went to supermarkets, shops and shops in search of toilet paper. Fights erupted on shelves, stocks were accumulating in homes, and vendors set limits to surrender to one person. The online store emptied its vaults and took orders for future delivery.

Meanwhile, the losers did not hide a dozen packs in time. In fact, there was no particular shortage, but everyone picked up on the growing hysteria. Why? By thoughtlessness and herd instinct, coupled with the fear of a real lack, and most importantly, at least in trying to keep them under control in these troubled times.

Fake sick in fast food restaurant

Are you looking to impress patients at work? If you claim to be sick with coronavirus and bring a mock test result, then this innocent trick can become an avalanche of problems.

When a message came from a McDonald’s restaurant in Ontario, Canada that an 18-year-old employee from Coronavirus was ill, police immediately responded. The restaurant closed for disinfection, and employees were sent to quarantine for two weeks. However, the scandal had surfaced, and in May 2020 a young liar charged with fraud and forgery of documents would appear in court.

Weapons for future use

Amidst the rising wave of uncertainty in the United States, arms sales rose sharply. Huge lines of those fearing future problems extend to arms shops. At the same time, the demographic structure of customers has expanded. If previously it was mostly young people who were going to play the role of heroes during the upcoming end of the world, now pensioners are buying weapons. An old woman who decided to buy a gun said that “people are behaving strangely.” And there are many like him. The purchase is also motivated by fears that the government may limit arms sales in the future.



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