Will an iPhone 12 cost less without a charger? But also not …


Remember the rumors about iPhone 12 A few weeks ago? Small notch size, 120 Hz screen, reduced price … A certain interest in the next iPhone seemed to flourish, but over time, carelessness turned off easy enthusiasm. Not only the refresh rate is now in doubt even on Pro models, but despite the news about lack of a charger as standard (in addition to EarPods), iPhone 12 prices should not have fallen.

Jeff Pu’s report runs counter to the trend compared to what has leaked so far. Analyst says base price iPhone 12 (5.4 ″ and 128 GB) equal 749 $, Just to understand: Jan Prosser, with his leak in May, talked about $ 649, and the iPhone 11 started at $ 699.

Consequently, the increase will also affect other models: iPhone 12 Max will be priced from $ 799 to $ 849 (+ 100-150 dollars. In comparison with the last year and in comparison with 749 dollars. Expected by the aforementioned head). Pu does not mention two other models planned for 2020: the iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 ″), according to Prosser, should cost $ 999, 1099 and $ 1299 (128, 256 and 512 GB), while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will rise to 1,099, 1,199 and 1,399 dollars.

OLED display instead of the “historical” LCD and the appearance of 5G will be enough to justify the alleged price increase?


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