Will I have to wait 2021 for the 14 “MacBook Pro?


Let’s get back to 14 ″ MacBook ProA highly anticipated version of the laptop under the Apple brand, especially after the disappointment that happened a few days ago: this model was predicted on the launch pad in May, but, as many of you already know, Cupertino preferred a conservative line.

Simple update 13 ″ MacBook Prowith coming Magic keyboardkeyboard scissors mechanism instead of highly criticized butterflies and tenth generation Intel processors for better options. In a word, refresh yourself and nothing more.

Who expected the same step taken several months ago, with the transition from MacBook Pro 15 to 16 inches, was so disappointed. Rumors that arrive today add salt to the wound: @LovetodreamA rather active front-line speaker at Apple guarantees that the new model will only be released in 2021. Not only that: to confirm the rumor, a definitely more reliable source such as John thought about it Prosser (which over the past few hours has also shared many details, including pricing, about the future of the iPhone 12), who fully agreed with this forecast.

It is worth noting that change from 13 to 14 inches should not affect the overall size Macbook pro: as in the case of 16 “, optimization of the front panels will make the change of measures almost zero.


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