Will the future Samsung Galaxy A have optical stabilization?


There is little doubt that Samsung Last year, it reached a record high, which was a real rethinking of the entire Galaxy A. line. The Korean giant managed to bridge the gap with several Chinese manufacturers in the mid-market segment, breaking the series. Models are aimed at any type of budget and user. All with decisive restyling, with displays infinity which made the mid-range Samsung even more appealing even to those who aren’t particularly attentive to the technical details.

However, in the near future a new qualitative leap may occur, this time at the hardware level. Several Korean sources today talk about a possible landing optical image stabilization in the photographic futures sector Galaxy A.

It is worth noting that this function has so far been exclusive to the top of the line or, at most, to the “lite” models of the latest Galaxy S or Galaxy Note. Presence Ois will be an important “plus” for strengthening positions in such a competitive market segment.

It remains to be understood when: some rumors speak of the first models available by the end of the year, even if they are more believable in the first half of 2021.


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