Will the game kill the magic of Hollywood movies?


Grand Thef Auto 5 defeats the Avengers; Fortnite defeats the new Star Wars trilogy. Do not worry: we are not talking about peculiar multimedia crossovers, but about the fact that in recent years the gaming industry has supplanted Hollywood majors in relation to the highest-income records in the field of 360-degree entertainment.

If a few decades ago, the cinema looked down on the gaming industry, now the relations of power have completely turned upside down: video games are not a pastime only for a narrow niche of the audience, but a global phenomenon of broad generations.

To assess the situation on the topic, Betway He did interesting article an in-depth study with interactive infographics that highlights another, much more interesting aspect: more and more actors decide to take on roles in games too!

Previously, Samuel Jackson, Mark Hamill, Sean Bean and others simply voted for the heroes of video game adventures, but today, thanks to the development of motion capture technology, stars can give their identical features to the heroes of video games, so that high appeal

For example, we recently played on Playstation 4 (but from this summer also on PC) as Norman Reedus in the scandalous Death Stranding. Another actor from the cult series The Walking Dead, John Burntal, played the role of supervillain in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

And then in September comes the long-awaited Cyberpunk of 2077, which Keanu Reeves will fall in love with: when at the Microsoft conference at E3 in Los Angeles in 2019 the news came of his participation in a video game, and the actor plunged into the room From the audience came a standing ovation that shocked even Keanu himself!

With the release of the new Playstation 5 and Xbox X Series game consoles by the end of the year, video game developers will have even more options and virtually unlimited possibilities to create incredible virtual universes with an increasing number of “special guests” luxury.

Should Hollywood Majors Prepare for Extinction? Absolutely not, the movie will continue to make everyone dream, on the big screen, of a story that will live hand in hand with a lover or have fun with friends. And then the celluloid industry, instead of starting a useless crusade against gaming competition, decided to find profitable cooperation.

In fact, over the past few years, the number of films featuring the most famous video game characters has increased exponentially, Ultimo is an order of magnitude longer than Sonic, the blue hedgehog of the Japanese hedgehog of the SEGA software house, which literally swept the box office, even going beyond the red ones. the expectations of the manufacturers themselves.

And let’s not forget that video games are also “invading” series. The success of The Witcher on Netflix was so great that the second season has already been officially confirmed. For horror buffs, Resident Evil will also soon appear on a streaming service announced as a real reboot compared to films starring Ukrainian American Milla Jovovich.


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