Will the Xiaomi Mi CC10 have a 108 megapixel camera and 120x zoom?


It comes from the Russians Xiaomishka very interesting imprudence regarding the future Xiaomi Mi CC10on the launch pad (probably it will be presented in July, a year after its predecessor) and with the photographic sector, which promises to be at the top.

The first part that appears is related to the availability of 108 MP main photosensor, It will be an unpublished Samsung HM2, so it will be different from the HMX presented on the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, and from the Bright HM1 installed instead of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Supposed Xiaomi Mi CC10 it would be identified with the code name CAS and, to hear, it even boasts one 120x zoom, The result will be possible due to optimization of the software, which will act on the periscope lens with 12x optical zoom. The results are expected to be exceptional.

These are not the only rumors associated with Xiaomi Mi CC10: a new smartphone can mount a new Qualcomm SoC, probably this Snapdragon 775G, still an unofficial California company. There is no doubt support for 5G connectivity, and the source in question also refers to the presence of an NFC chip.

There (at least for now) there is no more detailed information about Xiaomi Mi CC10, but what has already appeared is enough to attract the attention of fans …


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