Will there be enough money for all unemployed: expert forecast


There is significant risk to that, that there will be a shortage of funds for the unemployed.

Will there be enough money for all unemployed: Expert forecasts. Photo: Ukrainian Politics Foundation

The Center for the Analysis of Public Finance and the Public Administration of the Kiev School of Economics warns Ukrainians: Compulsory state social insurance fund against unemployment (unemployment fund) is not sufficient for all payments.

The lack of funds will be due to the decline in income from ERUs and due to the expected increase in numbers bezrabotnyh. In April, the Cabinet of Ministers has allocated to the fund of unemployment 6 billion UAH COVID-Fund to cover additional charges associated with the increase in unemployment due to quarantine (nhh, 31,3 pm дмлрд ‌грнh – TThis hiscredit) ‌ From

पूर्वानुमान Fund ‌ and ‌ additional ‌ are funded for the forecast cabin according to the requirements of the ‌ fundbin, which is built for ро built.

An increase of 13.8% compared to 2019, or 1.7 billion USD – the fund in 2020 should amount to 14.4 billion USD according to the budget of its own revenue (from ECB). … 3.8% (surprise – godom. However, from January to April ERU 2020 growth income (by which the fund is funded) fell only 6.5% a different April They generally, abandoning the accounting right March-April, a Different FOPam and reduction in economic activities as a whole) ERUs not paid.

“Therefore, there is a significant risk that, the fund will be deficient, even without the increase, the amount of unemployment is unemployed. The year growth in revenue will not result in ERUs (that now looks like an optimistic scenario At the end of the year, the fund deficit is without an increase in the number of unemployed, with an amount of $ 1.7 billion and an expected increase in unemployment – more than 3 billion UAH (= 71480 December лмлрд нгрн ‌1,3 ‌млрд ргрн ‌credit). ), – – inINfer xtextsts

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, to temporarily support the unemployed, officials have simplified registration and access to benefits at employment centers.

The State Employment Service recommends that Ukrainians should register using the online tool in case of job loss. Each employment center has an e-mail, in which you can submit documents for registration as unemployed in the State Employment Service. How to do it – in PaySpace magazine.

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