Will tourists refund money for frustrated tours and vouchers


Travel agencies have the right and reason to refuse refund to their clients

Will tourists return money for frustrated tourism and permits: expert comment

The most affected by the coronavirus was the tourism industry. While air carriers may at least somehow place themselves at the expense of cargo transport, and restaurants can begin delivery, tour operators do not get the opportunity to adapt to the new reality.

Thus, not only are companies at a disadvantage, but also tourists themselves, who have already paid for their future trips, as travel agencies do not have the opportunity to refund this money. Anton Rudich, president of the Association of Travel Agencies, said that Ukrainian tour operators may refuse to return customers for canceled tours due to coronaviruses, citing the condition of the coroner virus.

He said, “There was a great force, according to which the obligations of the parties were ended at the time of its inception. This is why tour operators do not return money, ”said Rudich.

According to him, customers need to understand that there is no money available with travel agencies – they are with hotels, airlines and hosts. Therefore, often we are talking about material shortage of funds.

The right decision and the only way is to request a postponement of the tour, it would be better to fix the process at the legislative level, Rudich insists. For example, in Germany, tourists receive vouchers and have the right to ask for refunds after the end of 2021.

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Recall that the business services sector previously suffered from quarantine – in March and April, accountants, lawyers, financiers, and human resources received 30% fewer orders than in February.

Presumably, the population had more time for homework – artisans and cleaners were ordered 14% less than before. In addition, the Ukrainians decided to postpone the order to repair the furniture – a 26% decrease in demand compared to February. To increase orders, delivery of products increased 5-fold, drugs – 4, at the same time, simulator repairs began to be ordered 3 times more often.

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