WINDTRE begins summer reconstruction with an increase of up to 4 euros per month


It depends on WINDTRE to start summer tariff adjustments in the mobile phone sector. The operator, born from the merger of Wind and Tre, begins to communicate with some of its customers, announcing a new tariff modulation with the activation of the offer. WINDTRE MIA Special Edition which will replace some existing tariffs.

The message is delivered to users as follows:

“Changes in the contract: from July 13, 2020, your offer will be changed to MIA 40 – Special Edition due to the economic instability of using your current plan. You have a minimum unlimited and 40 GB, priced at 10.99E / month. At the end of the data traffic included: 1 GB extra at 0.99E / day. For more information about the offer, click on The right to withdraw from A / R, PEC, 159, from the client area, WINDTRE stores or change of operator without penalty, by July 12, 2020. For withdrawal information, go to “

It should also be noted that in some cases a proposal is proposed. MIA 40 Special Edition with unlimited minutes, 300 SMS and 40 GB for 8.99 euros per month. The first messages from users confirm that expected price increase from this new WINDRE reconstruction campaign they can go so far 4 euros per month.

Therefore, if you are a WINDTRE client, keep an eye on incoming SMS, as you may soon receive a message in which the update will be announced.


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