Winter is back in Ukraine: weather forecast for March 31, 2020



According to forecasts by meteorologist Natalya Didenko, it will be cold on March 31 in Ukraine, frost will hit the night in all regions except the southern and eastern regions. During the day, short-term precipitation in the form of snow is not excluded.

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The weather forecast for March 31, 2020.
A frosty night, snow and gusts of wind came to Ukraine. Photo:

According to the meteorologist, “So March ends its tour in Ukraine.”

“In most regions of Ukraine it is expected, although weak, but still frozen – 0 … -5 degrees. And in the afternoon, the thermometer columns barely reach + 1 … + 6 degrees. Snow or sleet or rain likely in the West, North and Vinnitsa regions. Depending on the fluctuations of the air temperature, – posted by Didenko on Facebook.

The hottest day will be in the Luhansk region. There, the daily air temperature will drop to + 10 … + 12 degrees. No frost is expected in the region at night either.

The coldest is expected in a number of western, northern and central regions. The air temperature here is at most + 3 … + 5 degrees. Night frost in some of these areas will reach 6 degrees.

The wind will be from the northwest, from 5 to 10 meters per second.

It will be just as cool in the capital. The air warms up to + 3 … + 5 degrees. In Kiev, during the day the sky will be cloudy, in the morning there will be melted snow.

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