Wirecard: Disappearance and arrest of top managers of company


Earlier, a German provider of electronic payments and financial services filed a claim for recognition of bankruptcy.

Wirecard’s chief operating officer, Jan Marslake, who went missing after his dismissal, used fake immigration records in the Philippines. Thus, the former top manager of the bankrupt payment company tried to confuse law enforcement officials, the newspaper reported. Finextra.

German police and prosecutors have revealed the whereabouts of Marslake. The former COO Wirecard has been involved in several foreign transactions, which have led to the collapse of the company. So, Marsalek’s dismissal followed the discovery of a “hole” in the German payment giant’s accounts in the amount of 1.9 million euros.

It was previously reported that soon after his dismissal, Marsalake passed passport control in the Philippines on June 24 before boarding a flight to China. However, according to the Financial Times, this information is based on hypothetical immigration records. Philippine Justice Minister Maynardo Guevara said on Saturday that video footage, airline announcements and other records confirm that he never arrived in the country.

“Immigration officials made false entries in the database, were fired and held administratively liable,” the politician said.

In addition, the Philippine central bank is currently investigating allegations that documents confirming billions of wirecards on escrow accounts at two financial institutions in the country were fake.

Also, Munich Prosecutor’s Office Arrested In Dubai, the head of Wirecard’s subsidiary CardSystems is suspected of fraud.

CardSystem CEO Oliver Bellenhouse became the company’s second top manager after CEO Marcus Brown, who was arrested in a case of fake wirecard reporting and market manipulation.

Belenhouse was arrested on charges of attempting to commit fraud, suspected of attempting fraud, as well as abetment to other offenses. Currently, he is in police custody.

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Earlier, we wrote that on 25 June Wirecard, a German provider of electronic payments and financial services, filed a lawsuit to declare bankruptcy. The reason was that a “hole” in the company’s accounts in the amount of $ 2.1 billion was identified. Thus, Wirecard was the first of the “blue chip” companies included in the most important German stock index Dax, which went bankrupt. All company accounts are blocked.

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