With this update, the Samsung Galaxy S20 improves the camera


New and important update coming soon for the whole family Samsung Galaxy S20: The recent top of the range is starting to get an update that includes not only the latest Android security fixes for May 2020, but also a significant improvement in the already excellent photography sector. But let’s go in order.

Firmware version in question G98xxXXU2ATE6: the two Xs clearly vary by model (Samsung Galaxy S20 Standard, S20 +, S20 Ultra 5G). It’s important to remember that you already mentioned them security patch they had already arrived with the previous update, while the focus was on camera improvements.

Samsung he did not go into the details of the official change journal, but, as is easy to predict, the first reviews have already arrived at specialized forums. For example, many users talk about an important leap in quality, especially with regard to pictures taken inNight mode“. Let’s see what other measures taken by the Korean giant will be.

The update is available through OTA, all units in circulation will be deployed in the deployment within a few days (at the time the release began in South Korea) You can check for updates manually in the “Settings” menu in the “Download and Install” section after selecting “Updates.”

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