Withdrawal from U.S. quarantine: Trump ready for decisive action



President Donald Trump is seeking to improve the coronavirus situation in the country and has already prepared a plan for the gradual abolition of quarantine measures. The coronavirus gradually decreases.

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It is reported by “Corresponding“, Reports” MFN “.

“The presidential administration has released a number of new recommendations at the federal level that will allow governors to take stepwise steps toward opening up states under their control,” Trump said at a White House press conference. .

He stressed that local authorities will determine for themselves how quickly they can progress in implementing the quarantine withdrawal plan.

The reason for the start of the removal of quarantine was that in the past seven days in the United States, no new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in 30% of the territories.

“The best experts have told me that the infection curve is improving. In 30% of the territories, there have been absolutely no new coronavirus infections in the past week, “said Trump.

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