Without pensions and without privileges: the representatives of the NPF “DPR” told how the leaders of the groups deceived them



Activists of the so-called “DPR” on social networks have complained about their leadership. Representatives of illegal armed groups write that after “service” they were promised a pension and a number of privileges, such as free medical care. But they are not allowed to retire, nor are there any privileges.

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This is reported by the portal Donpressreferring to social networks, reports MFN.

Representatives of the illegal armed groups fighting in the Donbass write that when they were admitted to “service”, they were promised a decent pension. According to them, the leadership of the units promised a pension after 30 months of participating in hostilities. But in reality, everything went differently. Nobody is going to release the representatives of the illegal armed groups.

“I have been in the same unit for almost 6 years, and they always say that it is far from retirement,” wrote one of the activists of the “DPR”.

In addition, representatives of illegal armed groups are scandalized that for 5 years no one has increased their salaries.

“We don’t know if the pension will be at all. They promise to raise the salary for 5 years, ”writes the representative of the illegal armed groups.

As for the privileges that the militants had promised when they were hired, they are not there either.

“The hospital is paid because there is nothing in the unit,” wrote the representative of the illegal armed group.

Representatives of illegal armed groups have agreed that heads of unit, especially when applying for “service”, promise good wages, pensions and many privileges, but in reality the reality is different from the promises.

“You must serve someone. But it would be better to say it as it is, or they will find it so that people do not leave and do not attract new ones, “said one representative of the illegal armed groups.

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