WNV 2020 rules: what changed quarantine



WNV 2020 rules: what changed quarantine

WNV 2020 rules: what changed quarantine

06/24.2020 18:44


On Thursday June 25, independent external testing begins. The first test candidates will take is math.

This was reported by the Ukrainian center to assess the quality of education.

“For the mathematics test, 186,072 people were registered, for which 12,618 classrooms were created in 795 test points. To avoid congestion at the entrance to the test point, the admission of participants to the point will start at 9:50 a.m. and last until 10:50 a.m. On the invitation, the pass indicates the period of time during which it is recommended that the UPR participant arrive at the test point and go through the admission procedure “, indicates the message.

The procedure for admission to the test point provides for the passage of thermometry and the identification of participants in the UPR.

Entrance of participants to UPR points will only be allowed if the original external independent assessment certificate is available; passport or other document, a series (if applicable) and the number of which is indicated on the certificate; invitation card to participate in an independent external evaluation, which participants must print independently from the information page.

If it is impossible to present the certificate, passport or other original document, the series and number of which are indicated on the certificate, or provided that copies of these documents or the electronic version of the identity card are provided in the Diya mobile app, the requester will not be allowed to enter the UPR.

If the participant arrives at the checkpoint after 10.50am, he will not be allowed to participate in the UPR.

Applicants are advised to take 2-3 saturated black ink pens and an unlabelled bottle of potable water, personal protective equipment that the UPR participant can put on their desk and use it if necessary.

During the test, the applicant cannot have any means of communication, devices for reading, processing, saving and reproducing information, printed documents and manuscripts not provided for by the test procedure.

Participants in the UPR are not permitted to use a ruler, pencil, compass, calculator, etc. during the math test.

WNV participants leave things not covered by the external assessment procedure in a specially designated location, which will be indicated by the instructor in the test audience.

Ukrainian and regional assessment centers ask UPR participants to be as responsible as possible, to follow the recommendations of doctors, the rules of social distance, remember that security is common.

Thus, each VNO participant received instructions with an action algorithm in their personal accounts. At the test points, you must observe the social distance, at each point there will be corresponding marks.

The public will be broadcast before the start of the tests and during the day. The exception is the audience where the WNV will be conducted in a foreign language, as it provides for some listening, which requires silence and the absence of unnecessary sounds from outside.

The desks of the auditoriums where the tests will take place are located remotely, one person will be in the same office.

An additional session will take place for people who will not be allowed at the test point due to temperatures above 37.2, as well as for those who could not pass the test for valid reasons.

To do this, you must submit a request to the appropriate regional center to assess the quality of education within 5 days after the test in a particular subject (taking into account the day of the test). A sample request and a list of documents to provide are available on the website of the Ukrainian and regional centers to assess the quality of education.

In addition, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment have released videos explaining how the public will be prepared for the UPR process and a note to the public. candidates on the security conditions of the UPR.

As noted, the main WNV session begins on June 25 with math tests. June 30 – VNO will take place in Ukrainian language and literature, July 2 – in physics, July 6 – in Spanish, German and French, July 7 – in English, July 9 – in the history of Ukraine, July 13 – in biology, July 15 – in geography and July 17 – in chemistry.

During the main UPR session, 379,493 participants registered and selected 1,227,154 tests.

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As part of the emergency situation due to the complicated flood situation in the Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions, UTsOKO advises UPR participants from these regions to take the tests to an additional session of the UPR.

An additional UPR session is scheduled to take place from July 23 to August 11.

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The Ministry of Education and Science, in collaboration with UNICEF, the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and the Naftogaz Ukrainy group, provided all necessary personal protective equipment and disinfection to all test points.

3,230,000, 104 medical masks, 3,250 non-contact thermometers, 11,630 protection kits for doctors, 104,382 liters of antiseptics and 28,100 liters of disinfectants for surface treatment were purchased and delivered to the region.

In general, 242,650 workers and 11,630 doctors participated in carrying out the ACM.

For the main UPR session, 379,493 participants were registered. 1,166,280 certification books were printed.

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