Woman arrested in Kharkov, who cut off her head (PHOTO 21+)



After the crime was committed, the woman put her daughter’s head in a bag, stripped naked to the goal, and in this form ran around Kharkov with the bag.

Crime scene police
Police at the crime scene. Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Navigator“.

According to media reports, the woman was arrested at 5.30 p.m. 4 police teams participated in his detention. A woman was also sharpened with her and with her, she rushed to the police.

At present, it has been possible to establish that:

  • The name of the inmate is Tatiana Yanova and she is 38 years old;
  • Her 13-year-old daughter Christina was killed;
  • The detainee lived in the village of Podvorki with her murdered daughter and her brother.

Brother Yanova said they lived badly, but Tatyana had a permanent job. The neighbors also consider her to be an adequate woman. As a result of the crime, the police initiated criminal proceedings under art. 155, part 2, paragraph 2 – the deliberate murder of an imperfect summer.

In the NPU GU of the Kharkov region, they stated that the woman had been arrested in the morning on Poltava Shlyah street:

“Law enforcement officers found a naked woman who had behaved inappropriately. In her hands she was holding a knife and a bag. The bag was found to have a severed head. She refused to answer the police’s questions. “

Police also noted that in the near future all necessary examinations would be carried out, but that there were no visual signs of alcohol or drug poisoning:

“We don’t know what’s wrong with her. The exam will show everything. “

Remember, earlier we reported that in Kharkov they arrested a drunk priest driving a car.

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